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I contain multitudes

This post is an introduction of yet another film and entertainment blogger on the web which is much too crowded with film and entertainment bloggers. That it should somehow stand out amongst other blogs to encourage you to read it is quite evident to its author, though there is no guarantee it ever will. The question remains, why should you visit it more often than once?

To tell you the truth, I have no answer to this question. Cross my heart. I mean, honesty of opinion and (hopefully) interesting insights aside, both of which I think should be an integral part of each and every blogger’s online platform for sharing thoughts, MyCinemaParadiso will probably not include any life-alternating knowledge. Nor any earth-shattering way of perceiving the films you love and/or hate. It will, however, be mine; in the sense that what you find here will revolve around the broadly defined works of art that fascinate me, move me, make me curious/inspired/terrified or simply interested enough to feel a strong urge to write something about them. On a strictly superficial level, what you may find interesting is the scope of projects that I ambitiously intend to write about, involving feature and documentary films, TV shows, books, film music, student etudes, music videos and some of the myriad interesting things that happen every year throughout the entertainment industry.

But this ought to function simply as a start, an appetizer. What should make me (again, hopefully) capable of taking up such a wide variety of topics is over a decade of experience in writing about different types of films and series, as well as some of other visual arts. I was, and still partially am, a film journalist whose greatest ambition was to try to immerse in as wide variety of visual stimuli that cinema has to offer as possible. I worked for a couple of international film festivals, writing, promoting, planning, interviewing; currently, I have found my haven at Camerimage, the festival dedicated to the art of cinematography, acting as its spokesman and one of its programmers, among other things. And what may possibly be the most relevant characteristic for the potential readers, I feel I have not lost my passion for the things MyCinemaParadiso is supposed to be about. I would even risk considering this feeling being more and more complex with each passing year.

I do not like to categorize myself as a film buff, or a cinéphile, or a movie geek, or whatever is the trendy term right now. I would like to think of myself as all of these and none of these at the same time. For what I consider the most important to the idea of this blog is putting the focus on each and every individual work of art; trying to experience it and understand it, getting to think about it, taking something away from it – definitely not consume it, as most things are nowadays within the culture based on absorbing everything unreflectively. Therefore, it is only fair to state that I do not intend to write about things that have a negative impact on me or projects that do not make me care in any way with what they have to say. In my life I have written literally hundreds of thousands of words about them. Enough is enough, I say.

That said, I should mention that I come from Poland, and live there, thus I am a non-native English speaker, which means my writing may not be as foolproof and beautiful and grammatical and evocative as I would wish it to be. And for this, I do sincerely apologize in advance. I do however have a high regard for the written word and the opportunities it presents to a person willing to use it to communicate what he or she wants in a clear and precise manner that does not harm the language being used. I can only promise, then, that I will try to make my writing as good as possible considering the circumstances.

Therefore, what makes me a blogger you should want to read is truly a question to which I do not have an easy answer, or any answer to be perfectly honest. I hope that you will be able to find here some things you will want to see/read/experience. I definitely wish to get involved in interesting conversations with some of you. Get to know your opinions. Discover the way you see various projects, or different sides of cinema, or art in general. Be inspired by you, learn something new from you, get to change my opinion about something. And maybe, just maybe, change yours.

To finish this post, the phrase I would like this blog to adopt as its motto is the wonderful Walt Whitman’s words of wisdom which I feel describe my attitude towards cinema, art, and life itself:
Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.

I contain multitudes. That sums it up.

Well then, I wish you will become a frequent guest and, to paraphrase one of the classic movie lines, I hope it may just be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Darek Kuźma

Photo by Sylwester Rozmiarek